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Infinite Play
Fair Pricing System

Classes every Saturday
Fort Greene Park

In an effort to make these weekly classes available to all people, not just some people, I've decided to create this fair pricing system for payment.  Below are three tiers, and short descriptions of what life might look like at each level.  You can determine on your own which tier you fall into and make your payment accordingly.  If your situation is still outside of these tiers, please contact me directly, as no one will be turned away from class due to lack of funds.  

Make your payment to my Venmo @Kyle-Fincham before class begins.  

Tier 1:

($10-$25) is for individuals who may be living on a tight budget or have limited financial resources. They may have limited income and may be struggling to make ends meet. They may be students, low-income workers, or those who are retired on a fixed income. They might not have the financial means to travel for leisure, they may opt for nearby and low-cost options like day trips or free activities. They may have little to no savings, and may not have investments. They may be living in a shared room to save on living expenses.

Tier 2:

($25-$40) is for those who have an average income and are able to afford a moderate amount for the class. They may be working professionals or middle-income individuals. They may be able to afford some extra luxuries, but still need to be mindful of their budget. They may have some savings, but not much disposable income to invest. They may rent a small apartment or a room. They may be able to afford a vacation once or twice a year, but it may be a budget-friendly option or a staycation.


Tier 3:

($40+) is for individuals who have a higher income and are able to afford a higher priced class. They may be business owners, executives, or high-income professionals. They may have more disposable income and may be able to afford more expensive activities.  They may have a significant amount of savings and investments, and may own an apartment. They may travel frequently for leisure, whether it be domestic or international, and stay in upscale accommodations.

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